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Refine Corporate Logo

Not a total redesign, but rather a streamlining of the traditional logo to create uniformity.

Solidify Positioning

Shift focus from an innovation company to one of problem solving via products and customer service

Tradeshow Management

The bulk of the marketing budget was used for tradeshows for their various product lines

Unify Collateral Presentation

Create a more coherent brand look across all product collateral

Heavy-duty support for truck pros


Link Manufacturing (in-house)

Link Manufacturing engineers and manufactures of a variety of suspensions for commercial trucks and equipment. For nearly 35 years, they had a single product line that generated the overwhelming majority of their revenue. After acquiring a smaller company to broaden their product offerings, Link determined they needed to re-evaluate their brand and how they were perceived in the marketplace.


Visual Identity

There were two steps to this process that resulted in very little change at first glance. Link prides itself as an engineered-product company. So, the first step was to "re-engineer" the logo - creating more consistent serif weights, ascender widths, and smoother arcs in the letterforms. The second step was designed to embrace the newly acquired location, and products under a single brand moniker. The parent company was still Link Manufacturing, but the brand identity became simply, "Link"

Highlighting the New Link

Tradeshow management at Link went from a strictly product-focused endeavor, to one that emphasized products in application. We incorporated the new brand identity on signage, and graphics began to highlight the product on vehicle, as opposed to stand alone products.

This product-in-application approach was extended to product collateral as well. This approach allowed Link to highlight multiple applications on a single vehicle - including some from the newly acquired heavy-duty division. It helped introduce Link as more than the single-product company it had been known as for most of its existence.

As a manufacturer, new product launches were a key part of their business. Advertising, direct mail, tradeshow events, media management, and promotions were all components of most launches.

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