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The power of team buying



Twongo is a group buying network based on the Chinese principle of tuangou, or team buying. Twongo launched in January 2010 - prior to GroupOn - and has saved participants millions of dollars, while helping them discover and support some of the best local places to eat, shop and play. We helped them with their initial brand identity and launch support pieces for both consumers and businesses.



Design Corporate Logo

Develop a primary visual identity and secondary marks for online applications.

Solidify Positioning

Contrast Twongo as an online buying group with distinct localized marketplaces.

Online Landing Pages

Create landing pages to introduce Twongo to new markets.

Collateral and Online Ads

Develop introduction pieces for participating retailers explaining the Twongo model.


Visual Identity

The primary goal of the visual identity was to be simple and web friendly. The "t" of the wordmark was derived from the actual Chinese symbol for tuangou, which means power in numbers. The secondary mark included the tagline(s), and we also developed a simplified app icon for mobile applications, and in use in some advertising and social media. Once completed, a complete graphic standards was developed so new markets would be able to apply the logo correctly.

“We worked on several projects with Greg. He has the unique ability to align the branding and creative to support our overall business strategy, without busting our start-up budget.”




Landing Pages

A key component of the roll-out beyond twongo's initial market (Raleigh-Durham, NC) was the development of landing pages that described the program, offered some unique aspect of the regional market, and began to create a database of participants to be used to entice participation from local retailers. Part of the project was also the creation of online ads used to drive traffic to the landing pages.


Finally, we developed a hand-out piece for participating businesses. This explained the basic benefits of becoming an initial partner, and drove the target to a section of the website for additional information.

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