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Where the heck have you been?

Sometimes there is information to share that just doesn't fit neatly anywhere on the site. We've created this page for the functional (but important) stuff. We're sure this page will continue to morph.
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Seeking Talent

At Authentige, we are always looking for great talent to bring to our next client. If you'd like to be considered for future projects with Authentige, show us your stuff and tell us a little more about you. We are always looking for web designers, blog writers, videographers, and social media gurus.

Thanks! Message sent.


Explaining the Photos

We talk a little about our influences (Faith, Upbringing, and Professional Experience) and how those shape our business model. But what do those images in the carousel mean? How do they connect? Well, there are 3 images for each influencer, 2 in the shape of an "A" (for Authentige, of course), and one focal image. They are:


1. (Green A) Tree in Orange City, Iowa representing our call to be environmental stewards

2. (Focal Image) Coffee farmer's hands representing our commitment to economic justice, specifically around the issue of fair trade

3. (Green A) Bell tower of our home church in Orange City, Iowa


1. (Green A) Baseball fields in LeMars, Iowa where we learned teamwork and the importance of working for a common cause

2. (Focal Image) Iowa State University where Greg received his degree in Graphic Design

3. (Green A) Backyard swing in Orange City, highlighting the importance of family and neighborhoods


1. (Green A) Learning Commons at Northwestern College

2. (Focal Image) T-Shirt from TS Designs - a former employer that is committed to producing t-shirts from locally grown cotton, using environmentally safe printing techniques

3. (Green A) Link Manufacturing ramp


1. Catholic Relief Services "Coffee Hands"

2. Iowa State University "College of Design"

3. City of Orange City "Tulips"


Multiple by Greg Elliott

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