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Visual Identity

The new brand should convey ARC’s mission to be a community that that gathers and serves Jesus.

Symbolize Mission

Have distinctive meaning in the elements that connect with our mission statement.

Connect to History

Embrace and highlight the things that have made ARC distinctive in the community for over 125 years.

Multiple Applications

Create a simple mark to be used in print, digital, and promotional products, and by in-house staff.

Celebrating a welcoming heritage


American Reformed Church

From its beginnings, American Reformed has been a church for outsiders. The name comes from the fact that it was the first English-speaking (i.e., American) church in its historically Dutch community. It continues to be known as a church that is forward-thinking, diverse, and hospitable toward all. The new branding now conveys ARC’s unchanging mission to be a vibrant, diverse community that gathers and serves Jesus.



American Reformed Church in Orange City wanted a new identity that more accurately portrayed their congregation. The previous logo was simply the acronym ARC in a simple san-serif font. The client had 2 primary considerations for the new identity: 1) a flexible color scheme that can be adapted to work with the church’s liturgical calendar; 2) The ability for the logo to be used seamlessly across all the ARC media, both print and electronic.


Although it is clean, minimal, and modern, the color scheme and simple icon help it to feel warm, friendly, and inviting. The icon bug is a multi-color presentation of the distinctive facets of ARC. The random size and placement of the “dot•ciples” represent people at different stages of life and faith; some coming to Christ, and others going out to share His word.


Color Meaning

INDIGO conveys that ARC is Christ-centered

COPPER connects ARC to its Orange City history

EARTH represents a commitment to diversity

STONE shows an emphasis on learning

Visual Identity

The main wordmark is a modified version of the font Aleo, and is a nod to how the church is often referred to in the community. The lower-case presentation de-emphasizes any patriotic connection to the word. The descriptor text is all caps to emphasize the Reformed tradition.


We developed a primary horizontal and vertical option, along with a secondary “ARC” version, and 2 separate tagline applications.

“Greg was phenomenal.  He helped us put together a process to garner feedback from some of our constituents, took time to learn about our culture, listened well to our desired hopes for a new visual identity, and created the pieces our congregational and staff leaders embraced enthusiastically.”




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